Sunday, 23 November 2014


by Katie Green

Philippe Pettit, tightrope walking between the Twin Towers, NYC, 1974
(source: NY Times)


It is essential to our every day lives and our well being. But how do we achieve this?

I, personally, am taking part in the Duke of Edinburgh award programme  and I am already having trouble handling my carefully-crafted balance of school work, co-curricular commitments and outside life, which is precarious at the best of times! Things always seem to get in the way, from absences out of town, relatives visiting and such tiresomely mundane things as illness.


I suppose that this the way forward. But how do we do this? How do we decide what is more important? Our work, or our family and friends? I myself have found a neat way of avoiding the issue. 

Spread it out. Plan ahead. 

Do work as soon as you receive it and, if you are unable to keep a pre-determined commitment, arrange an alternative in advance. 

Do not leave things to the last minute or hope that they will sort themselves out. They will not. 

So, remember, it is all about balance. 

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