Sunday, 12 October 2014

National Poetry Day: Summer Memories

Thursday, 9th October was National Poetry Day and Mr Richardson and a group of PGS pupils (see below) worked together on a poetry project exploring the theme of Remembrance, collaborating on the following poem, 'Summer Memories'


I remember at the beach…

A ruin on a cliff

Sitting on a rough red rock

With fish nibbling at my toes.


I remember on the sea…

The old blue wooden boat,

The dolphins jumping around us,

The sun sparkling on the water


I remember in the wood…

Green light shimmering through the trees,

Dappling the roof of the tent,

The noise of leaves crunching under foot.


Looking back on my memories

With the blood red moon above,

Jumping on the mattress before sleep,


I dream

In order to remember.

by Natalie Woodford, Venetia Law, Zac Choppen, Maddison Gould, Nick Graham, William Bates and Eloise Peabody-Rolf  

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