Poem for Friday: His Inheritance?

by Nick Graham

A single gleaming golden sphere,
Through the azure sky draws near.
Shafts of light like liquid flow,
Through canopy to ground below.
Vaulted halls with walls of pine,
Through leafy ceilings sun doth shine.

A world he’ll never see.

The arid air,
Blankets the sand.
The fierce winds howl,
Across the dunes.
An everlasting sea of sand,
Bronz├ęd waves upon the land.

A world he’ll never see.

A glittering plain,
Littered with shards,
Streaked with blue,
Engulfed by cold,
Torn by razor-sharp storms,
That rake this wilderness.

A world he’ll never see.

Forests of steel,
Meadows of concrete,
Rivers of filthy brown,
Unbreathable, unbroken clouds.
No living thing,
But the human swarm.
Our proud gift,

A world for tomorrow’s child.