Welcome, New Sixth Formers !!!

by Henry Ling and Kelvin Shiu

It has been a good start to the new academic year, and we have been delighted to receive many new people into our Sixth Form. So we went out to try and get a better understanding of these new people and where their roots lie. We asked a group of them a few questions about what school they used to go to, why they came to our school and what kind of interests they have.

Lawrence Broad
Comes from a school in Dubai; however, he wished to come to PGS because the school seemed nice and the teachers very good. He is studying Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Technology. His interests lie in flying model planes and gliders, as well as surfing.

Hannah Campbell
She previously came from Churchers College. She wanted to come to PGS for Sixth Form because she really likes the Science departments and facilities. She is taking Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Spanish, with hobbies including singing, kayaking and learning Mandarin.

Tom Cleary
He comes from Christ’s Hospital, yet has now returned to PGS, where he used to be a student (pupils will remember him from a few years ago). He is studying Maths, with Further Maths to AS, Chemistry, Physics and Electronics. His hobbies include, music, squash, tennis, fencing and long distance running.

Finley Cookson
He previously studied at Mayfield and was awarded an academic scholarship. He is studying Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. One of his hobbies is playing the drums.

Harrison Edwards
Comes to us from Mayville High. He wanted to come here for the Sixth Form because he thinks PGS is “amazing”. He studies Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Geology. And his hobbies include archery and drawing.

Meljude Fajardo
Is a girl from Portsmouth Academy for Girls. She likes the atmosphere at PGS, so decided to come here. She is studying the IB diploma, taking Higher Level: Spanish, Biology and Chemistry, with Standard Level: English, Maths and Philosophy. Her hobbies include music and camping.

Maddison Gould
She comes from Hampshire Collegiate School. She is now at PGS because her sister came here and enjoyed her time at PGS. She likes the facilities here and studies Art, Electronics, Physics and Maths, with strong interests in art and horse riding beyond the classroom.

Miles Hughes
Previously went to Bishop Luffa. He came to PGS because of the opportunities available in the Sixth Form. He is studying Maths, Chemistry, Biology and History. He also has a keen interest in both tennis and golf.

Alice Kellam
She used to go to Priory. She has come to PGS because she likes the facilities that we offer in the Sixth Form. She studies Biology, Chemistry, Maths and French, with hobbies that include the flute and horse riding.

Ross Stephenson-Gill
He previously went to Felpham School. He wanted to take advantage of the opportunities offered by PGS Sixth Form. He is studying Math, Physics, Electronics and Chemistry. He also has a strong interest in Badminton.

Josh New
Again comes from Mayville High, and thinks that PGS has the best sixth from in the area (agreed). He is studying Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Chemistry, with interests in sailing, guitar and rugby.

Sophie O’Flaherty
She previously went to Meon Cross, but came here due to the fact that her sister came here a few years back and enjoyed being at PGS. She is studying Biology, Chemistry, Maths and History. Her main hobby is kayaking.

Lottie Perry-Evans
Before she came to PGS she went to Portsmouth High School. She liked the opportunities offered at PGS for Sixth Form life. She is taking English, Latin, Spanish and History. Her hobbies include reading, playing the piano and the flute.

So now we have met some of our new Sixth Formers, all of whom are very nice people and it is a pleasure to welcome them to the school - and to what will be two of the most enjoyable, if challenging, years of all our school lives so far.