Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Kikaaya College School: A Message to PGS from Doreen Nalwoga

by Jeremy Thomas

Doreen Nalwoga, Head Girl of Kikaaya College School
One of the greatest privileges of visiting our partner school, Kikaaya College School in Bulenga, Uganda, was to meet such inspiring pupils with fantastic talents and amazing aspirations for their futures and that of their country. The person who epitomises this optimism and belief in a bright future more than anyone is Doreen Nalwoga, the Head Girl at the school. She is a warm, affectionate and generous person with an unswerving belief in her own ability to do anything she sets her mind to. With both parents sadly dead, she has been brought up by her grandparents who are, fortunately, able to pay the KCS school fees of £130 per annum.  As an aspiring journalist, Doreen was very keen to contribute to the Portsmouth Point blog and has written this inspirational piece for us:

Kikaaya College and Vocational School, Bulenga (Uganda)
Beauty! Beauty! Beauty!
Kikaaya College and Vocational School!
It is such a good and wonderful school, with such well trained teachers with a lot of experience. It also enables its students to interact with such great schools, for example THE PORTSMOUTH GRAMMAR SCHOOL.
Oh! I love my school because it gives me all the knowledge I need in all aspects and it always makes me feel so special from students from other schools. It does not only give me theory but also gives and teaches me skills at the Vocational School, Bulenga.
This helps and enables many generations to become great thinkers and job creators, rather than being job seekers.

Oh! Oh! Oh! Kikaaya College is so blessed because it is not only the best school all over Africa, but it is also found in the Pearl of Africa – Uganda!
Oh! Kikaaya College and Vocational School, Bulenga will always give me good memories. Whenever I will be remembering my high school I will give thanks for all the care and love you have shown me.


July 2014

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