Wednesday, 11 June 2014

ICS: Burkina Faso Fundraising – “The Great Dying”

by Aladdin Benali

An ICS volunteer helping a disabled child in Burkina Faso
In July I will volunteer for 10 weeks on a development programme in Burkina Faso. This is part of International Citizen Service (ICS), which brings young people together to fight poverty and make a difference where it is needed most. 

I’ll be working alongside volunteers from the UK and Burkina Faso, on a project, working with local communities rural areas on the project Kabeela. Kabeela focuses on empowering women and young people through education. International Service works with communities that have specifically requested their help. It also aims to inspire young people in the UK and overseas to become active citizens who are passionate about long term community development. 

I need to raise £800 for International Service who are one of the respected development charities that deliver ICS. This will allow them to continue to bring about positive change in the developing communities where they work. You can check out their amazing work here:

To raise this money, I am running cake sales on Thursday 12th June and next week also! Perhaps, undergoing the biggest sacrifice a human can make, I am dying my newly cut brown hair, the most horrible blond, and posting the video on the Portsmouth Point and Facebook this weekend. Keep up to date with the latest fundraising!

To donate, check out my JustGiving page:


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