Monday, 16 June 2014

How to Dress and Talk Awesomely: Why You Should Watch Suits

by Pete Rapp

I watch a lot of television. In fact, some might say too much – however, if I didn’t, then you wouldn’t be reading this article, so who’s laughing now, eh? American lawyer ‘dramedy’ (that’s a hybrid of drama and comedy) Suits is one of if not my favourite show on at the moment, and it has just returned for a fourth season. So, I give you 5 reasons why you should start watching immediately: this is me making the case for Suits (sorry, I had to fit a lawyer pun in there).


1.      The premise rules. Mike Ross is a college dropout and slacker, but he has a brilliant mind and photographic memory; Harvey Spector, on the other hand, is a smooth-talking, waistcoat-wearing, lady-wooing lawyer – in fact, he’s the best closer of deals in New York city. When a chance meeting leads to Mike dazzling Harvey, the genius finds himself practising law without a law degree, a huge secret he must keep hidden at all costs. If you’ve ever dreamt of doing something, but haven’t been able to for some reason, you’ll love this – there’s nothing you can’t work around.

2.      The looks. Good lord, this show is SO COOL. It’s in the name for crying out loud – Harvey at one point states that, as lawyers, they are judged on how they look by any potential client, so they have to fix up and look sharp 100% of the time. Not only is the style impeccable in the show, but literally everyone is gorgeous in it! Even if you somehow don’t like the plot itself, you can at least enjoy the eye candy. And some eye candy it is, too.

 3.      The personalities. Every character in the show is well written – the seemingly-emotionless Harvey has serious issues with family and relationships, while Mike was orphaned at a young age, not to mention strong and well-rounded female characters. Pearson Hardman, the law firm where the show is based, Jessica Pearson is the no-nonsense boss, in what is largely a man’s game. The show proves that women in television don’t just have to be attractive and fall over various men, but instead they can be very powerful and interesting personalities.

4.      The dialogue. Suits is filled with movie references – “show me the money!” and “Butch and Sundance” are referenced early on in season one – which help make fans get involved in the repertoire and universe of the characters, as well as keeping the show grounded in real life. It should also be noted that the putdowns in the show are stupidly good. For example, in the very first episode, the following conversation happens (I’m paraphrasing here):

Louis – Nice of you to show up. Also I see you’re trying to look like a pimp.

Harvey – Oh, I’m sorry Louis, I just woke up and this is the suit your wife picked out for me.

Louis – Aaaand that would be funny if I had a wife.

Harvey – (condescendingly) you’re not married?

Harvey [later on in the scene] – Hang on Louis, let me just text your pretend wife about my promotion to senior partner!

Seriously, the back-and-forth dialogue between lawyers sizzles with energy and hilarity in every word.

5.      Engaging stories. Whether it is relationship drama, fighting the good fight in a case, or tensions coming to a head in the courtroom, Suits will always keep viewers on the edges of their seats when it comes to plot arcs. There is usually a shouting match in just about every case, or at the very least the boss at Pearson Hardman will storm out of the room after saying “You better win this goddamn case.” These moments of high tension and human drama provide the real meat of the show, and are nicely complemented by the high-quality comedy segments of each episode. Oh, and if you enjoy a good fist-fight, you will not be disappointed.
So, there you have it. These are just a few of the many, many reasons you should be watching this show, but I hope you’ve at least been intrigued. If you’ve ever wanted to be a lawyer, or live in New York, or just want to watch amazing television, then stop reading this and get on to Netflix! Enjoy.

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