Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Raising Money for Uganda

by Caleb Barron

I completed my 'Eat As They Do' week between the 12th and 19th of April to help raise funds for the Uganda trip. Thank you to all of those who have sponsored me. If anyone else would like to sponsor me, please get in touch with me.
Here are some of my thoughts about the week and the challenges I faced.

Day One: Obviously hunger was a tough one on the first day but with energy reserves from a previous week before of stuffing my face I was fine really.

Day Two: Again hunger was a big issue but pushing through the main meals of the day wasn't too hard. In fact day two was mainly tough because I felt extremely weak and tired.

Day Three: Actually this day was pretty easy with a mixture of my good friend to keep me company and the cravings for other foods not yet started.

Day Four: Day four was when I began to really miss certain foods; I wasn't hungry but I just had a real urge to eat sugary foods and bread for some reason.

Day Five: This was the day that, when visiting relatives on the Isle of Wight, firstly my Auntie gave her children chocolate in front of me (and they shared it with everyone but me) and secondly my Granny gave everyone a ridiculous amount of tasty food. Again, I wasn't hungry but I was really craving different foods to rice and beans.

Day Six: Day six was much like day three; the cravings seemed to be edging away and the hunger was having almost no effect.

Day Seven: The final day was close to cravingless but the expectation of good food the next day meant hunger was much worse than the last few days.

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