Match the Teacher to the Book Selection Competition 2014 - The Answers

by Laura Burden

To mark World Book Day (March 6th), pupils were invited to match teachers with their favourite books. Read the original article here
There were eight correct answers and the winner, pulled out of a hat, was Robert Bendell - who received his chocolates in the Sixth Form Assembly earlier today. Thank you to all those pupils (and staff) who took part in the competition.

Teacher’s Name
A Feet in the Clouds, The Canon: The Beautiful Basics of Science and A Clockwork Orange
Mr Williamson
B The Five People You Meet in Heaven, Three Cups of Tea and El Razon de mi Vida
Mrs Casillas-Cross
CThe Secret Agent, Moby Dick and The Long Good-Bye
Mr Burkinshaw
D Wuthering Heights, Great Expectations and Murder on the Orient Express
Dr Richmond
EOwen Glendower, If This is a Man and “The Speckled Band” (Sherlock Holmes story)
Mr Priory
FMy Uncle Oswald, Any Human Heart and Evening in the Palace of Reason
Mr Charles
GExcalibur, The End of the Affair and Gone with the Wind
Miss Rickard
H – On the Black Hill, Middlemarch and To The River
Ms Burden