Saturday, 8 March 2014

Time to Try Something New?

It’s a new year, the weather has just started to improve (he says, whilst crossing fingers) so why not get out there into the great outdoors and take the opportunity to learn a new skill and try a new sport?

For those not involved in Games this Saturday 15th March, between 10am-12pm, Southampton Orienteering Club is hosting the first event of their annual Summer League at West Walk in Hundred Acres Wood between Wickham and Newtown/Soberton. These events are ideal for beginners and it is a chance for both children and their parents to have a go. Qualified coaches and experienced orienteers are on hand to guide you through the specially drawn maps and electronic timing systems so no experience is required.
Traditionally a sport for runners, it is imperative that competitors go at a pace that allows them to map read – run too quickly and you get lost – so running speed is not necessary for initial success. Routes are designed such that navigation is manageable, even for a beginner. Once confidence is improved you can graduate on to the more difficult routes.
So why not take advantage and step up to the challenge, improve your fitness, get out and experience the great outdoors and learn a skill that’ll stop you ever getting lost again (disclaimer: this is not guaranteed!). All you need is some sports kit, with full leg cover, that you don’t mind getting muddy and the passion for a challenge.
For further information, go to or contact Mr Williamson in school if you have any further queries.

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