Wednesday, 19 March 2014

The Impact of Music on Teachers

by Henry Ling and Kelvin Shiu

Music is a something which everyone can say they love, yet when someone says they love music this does not tell us much, due to the multitude of different genres of music that span the globe. So we decided to look into the musical tastes of some of the teachers in our school and to gauge an idea of the different types of music enjoyed by our teachers.

Ms Bush:
Favourite genres: rock, hard rock.
Favourite artist: Robert Plant
Favourite song: “Something Like You” by Adele

Mr Doyle:
Favourite genre: 80s pop, (likes anything which isn’t heavy metal)
Favourite artist: Shirley Bassey
Favourite song: “You Needed Me” by Shirley Bassey
Favourite album: Shirley Bassey’s, Live Concert 1997

Dr Galliver:
Favourite genres include: funk, folk and country
Favourite artist: Kate Rusby
Favourite song: “Grand Central Station” by Mary Chapin Carpenter


Mr de Trafford:
Favourite genre: modern rock
Favourite artist: Muse
Favourite Song: changes so often he does not have a favourite song
Favourite album: Tower Of Song (songs of Leonard Cohen) by Various Artists

Mr Lemieux:
Favourite genre: rock
Favourite artists include:Chuck Berry, Blues Brothers, Sheryl Crow
Favourite song: “Let’s Stick Together” by KT Tunstall
Favourite album: Led Zeppelin iv by Led Zeppelin

Mr Crénel:
No favourite genre as there´s such a wide range
Favourite artist: Avicii
Favourite song: “I Need A Dollar” by Aloe Blacc

Mrs Casillas-Cross:

Favourite genres include: Pop, Jazz, R&B, soft rock
Favourite bands: New Radicals and Plan B
Has no favourite song
Favourite album: 19 by Adele

Mr Dunne:
Most listened to genre: Indie
Favourite artists are Kate Bush and John Grant
Changeable favourite song
Favourite album: The Dreaming by Kate Bush

Mr McPherson:
Favourite genres include: Jazz and a little Rap
Favourite artist: Miles Davies
Has no favourite song; however, does like “Batches and Cookies” by Lizzo
Favourite album: Kind of Blue by Miles Davies

Dr ONeil:
Likes a mixture of genres including, light rock, classical
Favourite band: REM
Favourite song: “Losing My Religion” by REM
Favourite album: Night at The Opera by Queen

Mr Williamson:

Favourite genre: Electronic
Favourite artist: Portishead
Favourite song: “The Sounds Of Silence” by Simon and Garfunkel
Favourite album: Through the Window Pane by Guillemots


Finally, our Headmaster, Mr Priory:

Favourite genres: Acoustic Funk and Choral
Favourite artists include: Show Of Hands and Talich Quartet
Favourite song: the hymn, “My Song is Love Unknown”
Favourite album is Roots by Show Of Hands


As one can see, there is a wide spread in the tastes of music among the teachers of our school, with a range of different songs, genres and artists. The vast nature of music makes it easy to get so many different sounds, many of which are beautiful to listen to. The pleasing fact is that no song or artist was mentioned more than one time, here. A point I wish to make, though, is, never let anyone stop you from listening to the music that you want.



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  1. Not sure about the `no artist mentioned twice` point. Adele was featured by Ms Bush and and Mrs Casillas-Cross!


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