Sunday, 9 March 2014

Review: Miranda Hart's "My What I Call Live Show”

by Nina Watson

When I found out that I had got tickets to go and see Miranda Hart live, I was so happy. However, on Friday the 28th February, sitting five rows from the stage, I was really beginning to annoy people with my excitement. Her programme consisted of her holiday diary, how to make fruit friends and a word search in which you had to find the “Kings and Queens of words.”
Miranda started off the show by giving her own introduction and then made her entrance to “The One and Only” by Chesney Hawkes. Apparently, this was her first show and we were going to have a party. She then proceeded to hand out snacks and a couple of cans of gin and tonic to the front row and then proceeded to fire a snack gun at random points throughout the whole thing.
She had us all singing along to “I Will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor and involved us in recreating a posh party that she went to. She sent Ken and Maddie on an interval date, which unfortunately didn’t end well. Miranda talked about how socially awkward we are and that we should be more like Beyoncé; to support this, she made a video of her doing all the things we are afraid to do in social situations, like admitting we’ve walked the wrong way instead pretending to check your watch and then turn the other way to cover up the mistake.
To end the party, Miranda walked out in a sparkling gold top and had confetti cannons and fireworks going off - just like Beyoncé would have done.

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