Thursday, 13 February 2014

Should Half Terms be Longer?

by Taylor Richardson

Whilst at school, the one glimmer of hope that all students hold onto is Half Term and End of Term. After weeks of monotonous routine, a break from early mornings at school and late nights working is much-needed. Having more time to relax, sleep and leisurely focus on work is something that every student dreams of – so why should these times away from school be longer?

As you get older, Half Term and End of Term holidays seem to be over before they have started. One minute you are emptying your locker and bouncing out of school – the next you are crying whilst packing your bag at 7:30am. The gigantic amounts of homework are enough to keep you awake at night and the exams edging closer in the distance make you forget you ever had time to yourself. Suddenly life becomes a struggle between schoolwork, sleeping and socialising. I appreciate that gaining qualifications and an education is principally the reason why we go to school but one more lie in couldn’t hurt!

I imagine that we all miss the days of school in which our greatest worries were what we were going to have for lunch or what game we were going to play when we get home. Having time to relax is important and, especially in Year 13, this is a rarity. The thoughts of exams, UCAS and results day looming closer are frightening but at least we all can find comfort in experiencing this together. Though I would love to have more time through extended Half Terms and End of Terms – as I am sure many others would – the thought of the extended summer holidays (minus results day!) is one that I am sure we are all holding onto in the meantime.
In all seriousness, time may seem scarce in the years of Sixth Form but I am sure a part of all of us will miss it – so let’s make the most of it!

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