Friday, 7 February 2014

Poem for Friday: What is Beauty?

by Katie Green

Beauty is a red rose,

Vibrant and bright.

Beauty is the sunset,

Bleeding pinks and oranges.


Beauty is the look in her eyes,

As her laugh brightens a room.

Beauty is a first love,

So full of hope.


Beauty is the strength to carry on,

When tragedy strikes.

Beauty is the promise of forever,

When all around you speaks of never.


Beauty is the generosity,

From the goodness of a heart.

Beauty is life,

So fragile it must be protected,


Beauty is colour,

Beauty is love,

Beauty is hope,

Beauty is precious.


Beauty is everywhere,

But that doesn’t mean it isn’t special.

So treasure,

The beauty that you can find.


All things must end,

All things waiver.

So treasure,

The beauty,

Or you will regret it forever.

1 comment:

  1. I think beauty is the personaification of our own ability to love one another. My favourite line is 'Beauty is Everywhere' because it really stressesthe point that there is beauty in everyone, and it can be found in any situation - you only need to look hard enough! Oh, it's so beautiful!


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