Monday, 24 February 2014

5 Unusual Ways To Relieve Stress

by Hattie Gould and Annie Materna

As exams are approaching and deadlines are becoming ever closer, it is likely that PGS pupils are going to come under stress… but how is this stress going to be relieved?
Personally, I have a subconscious way of alleviating stress which my friends and family find unusual and, unfortunately, leaves me looking rather unusual myself. I don’t why I do it or how to stop myself but I incessantly rub the corner of my eyebrow with the bottom bone of my thumb during periods of stress. This habit drives my parents mad and also leaves me with one rather bold eyebrow and a friction-like burn on my thumb. To my friends, my way of relieving stress seemed unusual, however after exploring the internet there are many even more obscure ways of relieving stress.

Top Five Obscure Ways of Relieving Stress:

1.       In Yunessun, a resort near Mount Fuji, you can pay to splash around in a bath full of RED WINE, to relieve stress (see above). However, it is strongly frowned upon if you drink the wine whilst in the bath, with multiple signs reading “DO NOT DRINK”!

2.       Geishas find it relaxing to have nightingale droppings (poo) massaged into their face, to help release toxins and keep the skin clear with a pungent facial.

3.       The Unani technique involves using leeches to clear poisons from the body. The treatment requires putting several blood-sucking leeches over your body.

4.       Drop oil into your third eye: a particular oil called Shirodhara is poured over the forehead and is meant to ‘open the third eye’, which will release all the tensions in your body (see below).


5.       In Japan, you can buy a disembodied foam hands, on which to lay your head; this technique will apparently relieve neck strain. These hands are supposed to act as a replacement for a missed loved one. 
If you feel that you are about to encounter a stressful period in your life and feel like trying something wacky and out of the ordinary, then maybe you can try bathing in a pool of red wine or attempt to open your third eye!!


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