Sunday, 26 January 2014

Poem for Sunday: Man and Nature

by Verity Summers

The sea, so deep, so wide, so blue,
Endless, drowning , danger rules,
The wind blows, a body falls,
Light, then fate,  finally death calls. 

The waves, so steep, so white, so new,
White horses on the heights do duel,
Fighting, pulling,  clawing away,
Toward death, from the light of day.

The sky, so bright; white clouds, so few
Welcome paradise, and losing view,
When born, we are at once dying,
Embrace death, fulfilled but crying.

Hills, they tumble, up and then down,
Paths, they wander, round and  around,
Grasses, they grow on every ground,
Peace in the countryside can be found.

Adventurers, they  ponder where
on earth was what they all called 'there',
Progressing life as they so cared
Corrupting nature as they so dared.

Man and nature in life they meet,
Not always do they kindly greet.
But when they both are wholly beat,
No longer will one the other cheat.

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