Sunday, 26 January 2014

Another Poem For Sunday: Deadline

by Kelvin Shiu

My mind whirls around in a never-ending cycle,

It flickers through dictionaries of words that I could use,

Yet incapable of making a decision,

My fingers drowsily prod the jungle of instruments scattered on my desk,

Sprinting through an overwhelming land of paper and pens,

Hypnotic ghosts haunt me and travel through my body,

As my eyes slowly linger back into their caves,

The clock inevitably ticks to the beat of my heart,

Which is getting slower and slower...

The muscles in my face begin to droop heavily down to my desk,

As I desperately try to ooze words out of my quivering brain.

I am isolated in the dark,

In a battle between me and my mind,

A challenge between light and dark,

The raging fire slowly sizzling away.

Confusion fizzes like static in my head

And waves of desperation plough through my veins,

Enveloping into a black hole.

‘Why didn’t I do this earlier?’ I murmur to myself in the shadows,

Just before the heavy, hollow, metallic structure of my head

Is grasped onto by the magnetic field that rips me down like a claw,

Pulling my head towards it like strongest of magnets,

Releasing me from the jail of shame.

This is the result,

This is the smoke that is the product of the dying flame,

The product of whatever flick of inspiration I could kindle,

This is my attempt to be the champion over time,

To beat my body,

My mind,

The deadline...



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