Friday, 29 November 2013

What History Teachers Think About History: Part 2

by Kelvin Shiu and Henry Ling

History is an amazing subject which looks into what we have left behind, the struggles and gains of our lives from the dawn of time. We asked Ms Bush a few questions on history and historical events, and she answered them as follows:

1) Who is your favourite American president? Why? Lincoln - his Civil Rights views/ Franklin D Roosevelt - he was an international statesman who realized that America had to look outwards and he stirred America through some of their greatest hardships.

 2) Which war of all time has been the most significant? All wars are significant and we continue not to learn from them!!! 

3) Which prime minister of Britain was most interesting? Gladstone - he was in power four times: an inspirational speaker and moral politician, not easy given the nature of politics. He was PM at an age we consider too old today to hold public office. He managed the economy successfully given the fact Palmerston wanted to modernize the armed services and defence of Britain. His family were plantation owners and encouraged him into politics to protect their enterprises and prevent emancipation of slaves when he would rather have been a vicar.
4) Who would you call the best Briton? Winston Churchill

5) Who would you say to be the best non-Briton? Gandhi

6) Which historical event do you believe people can learn the most from? The Holocaust - it has rather defined the 20th century and is our moral compass today.

7) What is the most significant standing historical monument? The Berlin Wall - dividing communities. The Great Wall of China- an illustration of Chinese technology and power at a time when nations in the West were battling amongst themselves 

8) Which historical monument touches you most? Tyne Cot - The sheer numbers of names of individuals who do not have graves

9) Who is your favourite historical "villain"? Ivan the Terrible

10)  Who is the greatest historical figure? Jesus Christ and/or Crick and Watson (who have changed how we view life in the 21st Century and beyond).

These results should help to show some of the most well know historical figures and monuments and give people an small insight into some the amazing relics of history. Having read through all of the responses we received, we can deduce that Jesus Christ is the greatest historical figure as his name  cropped up a fair few times in answer to the final question.

See how Mr Lemieux, Dr Galliver and Mrs Casillas-Cross answered these questions.

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