Monday, 18 November 2013

Miley Cyrus: Where Did It All Go Wrong?

by Taylor Richardson

If you are reading the title of this article and wondering what I am talking about, you have probably been living under a rock for the past year. Miley Cyrus was once a Disney sweetheart adored by millions of young girls all over the world. Now she is renowned for controversy, wearing little – if any – clothing, and ‘twerking’ on anything in sight. Whether you like her or hate her, it is fair to say she has changed a bit.
The Haircut
The summer of 2012 seemed to mark the rebirth of Miley when her long hair was chopped off, transforming into a short blonde undercut. Looking back retrospectively, it is plausible that Miley managed to cut off her brain cells. It seems that the haircut was the defining moment in her conversion from child star to adolescent monster.

Jumping forward, June 3rd 2013 saw the release of Miley’s lead single “We Can’t Stop”. A pool party, giant teddy bears and Miley sticking her tongue out every five seconds are just a few of the video’s elements. The most controversial, however, would have to be Miley’s ‘twerking’. This craze has gone global, sparking protest alongside adoration. Miley responded to critics of ‘twerking’, stating she is “representing women in a cool way.” If by cool she means bratty, I have to agree.

The VMAs
One month later saw the annual MTV Video Music Awards occur and one artist was more provocative than others (no points for guessing who). Robin Thicke and Miley Cyrus performed together and we all watched in horror as Miley destroyed any lasting remnants of her Hannah Montana days – and I now have a phobia of foam fingers.

The EMAs
Most recently, the MTV Europe Music Awards were held on the 10th November, 2013. Not wanting to extinguish her ‘spoilt brat’ image, Miley decided to smoke marijuana on stage when accepting an award. As expected, she sparked a global opinionated storm. I could only think of one thing when watching: what an idiot.

The Future
I dread to think what Miley is going to next but I am sure it will be another pathetic stunt in hope of being the centre of the world’s attention. Many people regard her as a genius in that her music sales have soared and she has grabbed everybody’s interest. Maybe Miley has got what she wanted currently but, ultimately, when she reflects on her life in years to come, will she be happy? We will have to wait and see.

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