Saturday, 5 October 2013

Poem: A Lover, Returned

by Taylor Richardson

Midnight has fallen, yet I cannot sleep,

Your voice in my head continues to weep.

The cries grow brasher, the shrieks pierce my brain,

What have I done to endure this again?

“It’s all in my head” I whisper in fear,

But you are outside, I feel you are near.

A howling begins, the winds pick up pace,

I stiffen my eyes, yet there lies your face.

A pale complexion, as white as soft snow

Contrasts with your eyes, where burns a red glow.

Voluptuous lips conceal your sharp teeth,

The teeth that sunk in my breast underneath

I must discontinue this reverie.

Remember your actions? Oh, how you made me plea!

“If you love me so, you’ll give me a bite.”

My infatuation betrayed me that night.

“Do it!” I whimpered, for I adored you,

I suffered the aching and splurging right through;

There I collapsed, on some stranger’s grave,

Your bloody mouth grinned – you vanished and waved.

I dashed home that evening, blood streaked down my dress,

I sobbed ‘till the sunrise but, I must confess,

Whilst your desertion left me in a mess,

Your smile as you ravished me left me feeling blessed.


Five years later and moved on have I,

I discovered a new man to worship with time –

This tale must end for I’ve realised

This whole time my window has sat open wide

I surge to the scene though I am unprepared

To spot the dark figure that in the park glared,

My legs trembled wildly, on the window I leaned,

Those lustrous eyes belonged to a familiar fiend.

I lunged for my gown and ran down the stairs,

Out the door I flew, the wind tangling my hair,

I sensed old emotions: ardour, fear, fixation, 

My wounds reopened, combined with my elation.

I reached him, he smirked – my master’s returned!

For so many years I have waited and yearned!

He gripped my throat and feasted on his possession,

The agony burnt – but I was in heaven!

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