Thursday, 5 September 2013

Poem: By The Sea: A War’s Tale

Max Lancaster's poem, 'By The Sea: A War's Tale' won the Year 7 Leonardo Prize, 2013

The stars shone on the water
As I thudded up the beach
In green and black,
A solitary spirit.

The peaceful silence was broken,
Often by the sound of cannons,
The tranquil waters, once azure,
Were now tainted with a crimson haze.

The blades of the cold
Stabbed the unfortunate
As they drowned,
A gloomy end.

Sunlight danced along the rippling waves,
Like diamond eagles on a sunny day,
But battleships in navy blue
Blotted out the sun as they came in droves.

A bloodshot trail followed me,
Like parasites on their host,
The swarm of landing craft overwhelmed me,
A completely heart-stopping sight.

They showed no mercy, just brutality,
Slaughtering us by hand and gun.
I am now frozen in time on this decimated battlefield
As I lie dead on the sand.

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