Monday, 8 July 2013

Five Ideas To Fill Your Summer.

by Zoe Dukoff-Gordon

It's coming to the end of term and I'm sure most people have plans already. But what about those long empty days not yet filled? Here are a few ideas to keep your summer busy...

1. Baking

Learning to make a good homemade sponge cake can be hard and time consuming- trying to get the right texture, right flavour and remembering to put all the ingredients in! So you could put aside some time to learn how to create some homemade baking.

2. Reading

This may sound either obvious or dull but how about doing some research into something you find interesting? Maybe if you have put down Psychology for A level or have decided to pick up Drama again at GCSE, why not buy a book in either of these areas? Another positive of this activity is it is very versatile, you can read anywhere and everywhere.

3. Photography

If you are quite creative and are already visiting some interesting places over the summer, why not take up photography and start a portfolio? It is a great thing to put on your CV and good practice if you want to go into a design-based job area

4. Go for walks

Why not get some fresh air and go on a walk? Maybe offer to walk a neighbour's dog or go on a walk along the coast?

5. Visit Family

It may seem obvious but are there any cousins, siblings, grandparents that you haven't visited in a while? Why not try and organise a trip- maybe on your own, to see some family relatives?

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