Sunday, 21 July 2013

Chris Froome's Tour de France Victory

Britain's Chris Froome won the Tour de France today, only the second British cyclist to do so. From the Portmouth Point archives: Fergus Houghton-Connell and Callum Strong discuss the prospects for Froome, Mark Cavendish, Team Sky and British cycling in 2013 and beyond.

Fergus Houghton Connell on Chris Froome:

"La Vuelta is a very different race to Le Tour de France. In the latter, the mountains are, on average, longer than those of the former, so they have a shallower gradient, normally 18% at the most, to compensate for these long distances . . . (Froome) prefers the long climb of the Alps to the conditions in Spain. Overall, the British cyclist will have to wait a while longer for his first grand tour win, but, although he has suffered a minor glitch, his career as a cyclist is far from over. Whether he stays with Team Sky or not, he will most certainly be leading a team in next year's Tour de France. Many people believe that there is still much to come from Chris Froome." Read the rest of the article here.

Callum Cross on Team Sky:

"This term, "the Sky is the limit", in cycling has now been coined in reference to anything that Team Sky want they get. They “want” the Tour de France, so they go out and get the best riders and give them lots of money to ride very hard on the front." Read the rest of the article here.

Callum Cross on British cycling in 2013:

"With a total of 17 British road wins from January to the end of February (5 more than last year), it is shaping up to be a great season. But with this in mind how far can we go this year? Well there should be a Giro d’Italia win for Sir Bradley Wiggins, and a few classics wins shared amongst the rest. With Cav on a new team designed to deliver him to stage wins there should be plenty for him this year as he rapidly approaches his hundredth professional win. Chris Froome is shaping up to potentially win the Tour and with 3 more top tier pro teams this year I think things can only get better."" Read the rest of the article here.

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