Wednesday, 12 June 2013

What Is The Best Thing About The Summer?

by Kelvin Shiu and Henry Ling

Bench to the Sky
by Liz Sherwood

The summer can be a fruitful and relaxing season, but what do the teachers and pupils find most favourable about this time of year? Why is it that most people find the summer so favorable (or not so, as the case may be)? There are many people with the views of summer that you would expect, but there are also some very original perspectives here. 

Kalvin Cheung (Yr 10): Football in the sun

Mr. Doyle: Results day

Rob Holden (Yr 12): Ice-creams 

Anthony Muscat (Yr 10): Time to go on holiday

Mr. Crénel: The nice weather and time off to be with my family

James Duff (Yr 10): Barbeques

Mr. Disley: I Hate Summer!

Al Harding (Yr 11): The heat

Mr Price: Sunshine

Ed Harding (Yr 13): Holidays and the sun

Francesca Kooner-Evans (Yr 10): Sitting outside

Tim Bustin (Yr 12): No School!

Ben Row (Yr 11): The sun

Alex Beard (Yr 11): eating chilled ice-cream

Nicholas Ng (Yr 7): Ice-cream

Mr. Lemieux: Holidays and sun anywhere but Britain

Katherine Lemieux (Yr10): On the internet tumblring

Lucy Cole (Yr 13): Freedom!

Tom Ross (Yr 8): Seeing lots of different people

Dr. Galliver: The cricket season

Abby Moss (Yr 10): Holidays. The fact that it’s warm, going to the beach.

Tom Brett (Yr 12) & Harry Dry (Yr 12): Mr. Robbies parties (Cream Pull)

Madelaine Shand (Yr 13): Beach and the sun

Mr. Puchades: I don’t have to teach you lot

Harriet Hammans, Megan Dennis and Francesca Clayton (Yr 10): Eating, travelling and going to different countries.
Harrison Whitworth (Yr 11): No school

Mr. Kirby: The holidays and being free

Henry Ling (Yr 10): As the saffron sun rises (or doesn’t knowing Britain) over the horizon we are reminded of hope and freedom.

Kelvin Shiu (Yr 10): Extended summer homework from my beloved teachers and revision (it will also be nice to escape from the unexpected wrath of the precarious British weather, but mainly the homework).

The summer is the season which most people find pleasurable and we hope from this you can understand why.

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