Sunday, 9 June 2013

Hackers: Pain Relief

by Gregory Walton-Green, with an introduction by Benjamin Schofield


Prompted by a writing exercise in Hackers, here Gregory writes about the increasingly important issue of self-harm. It is strange to realise that the second biggest cause of death in 15-24 year olds is now suicide, yet depression still feels an unbroachable topic. Before you read this poem I would like to stress how important it is as a writer to believe that false stories can still matter. While Greg is most definitely not self-harming his portrayal can still capture something of the feeling, or at least how he imagines it to be. Ultimately the poem provokes thought, as all good writing should, in an area which desperately needs to be thought about.  

Pain Relief

It strikes across my naked knee –
A blade of endless sympathy.
It brings me pain but helps me hide
The greater pain that dwells inside.

I always strive to pierce the skin:
The blood flows out and peace rolls in.
My worries flee when it goes deep,
And now I sink to blissful sleep…

I need the pain, what it provides –
Release from torment of my mind.
I torture myself hopelessly
There is no end in sight
Though I know that it’s killing me
I cannot end my plight.

If you have concerns about a friend or feel affected by the issue of self-harm we would always encourage you to discuss these with a member of staff or the school's medical department. The school nurses can be seen in confidence and can provide professional advice to ensure that you remain safe. Alternatively, you can contact Childline: 0800 11 11. There is also a very helpful website you can visit here.

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