Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Why Blogging (Successfully) Is Harder Than It Looks…(continued)

by Dodo Charles

The next dilemma: being recognised.

So, the blog has been up and running now for three months, and everything seems to be going great. But what I’m wondering is: how we have been found out about? How are we marketed to the world?

Until recently, I thought that our only readers were our friends… but, as I looked at the audience today, I realised that we have 25 foreign views, from 4 continents! This made me question how they found out about our blog, which we previously thought was very small.

The answer is: random followers.

It makes sense that someone who had stumbled across the blog, quite by chance- or accident -- might decide to tell his or her friends about it. I mean, it is an awesome blog… (just joking).

Here is some advice for all bloggers. Advertise your blog through social media. It will get you recognised.

Our blog link, complete with articles on ‘The Swinging Sixties’ and our latest range of altered clothes-

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