Thursday, 4 April 2013

Revision Breaks: Stopping Yourself from Going Mad

by Lucy Cole


We all know exams are stressful, and that the only way we will really succeed is if we put the work in. But we look with trepidation upon that dreaded pre-exam revision period; that time where you spend your days inside, sat at your desk, looking out at the sunshine and the children playing in the street and wondering if an education is really worth this painful and endless boredom.
Well, I’m afraid to say that it is, and even if you never have to use titrations, or think about Freud’s dream therapy ever again, the certificate you receive from that exam will open up opportunities to you that are denied to your uneducated counterparts.
So now that we have established that this period of extreme boredom is inevitable and inescapable, our next step is to search for something to alleviate this brain numbing disease. Each and every one of us has something we enjoy doing to relax, and whether its reading, walking the dog, shopping, cycling or painting, these activities are so important when it comes to revision. In order to motivate yourself through the next half an hour or forty-five minutes you need to have something to look forwards to, a reward that will make you forget the painful hour that you have just suffered and draw your overworked mind out of its shell to experience something outside of your revision notes or the inside of your bedroom. 
For me this activity is running. It is the only thing that gets me outside in the fresh air, and it is something that I love doing. Doing exercise not only relieves stress and helps you sleep (both of which I have issues with during the exam period) it also has a number of health benefits, something which I am sure you are all aware of! I try and run every day for about half an hour, and I always look forwards to this time to myself, free from outside pressures and expectations.
I am very lucky as I live in an area surrounded by country roads, and thus am able to enjoy the view whilst not having to worry about too many people viewing me (not a particularly enchanting picture I can promise you). However, I realise that many are not this lucky, living in towns or in areas where there is not as much privacy, but for those of you who aren’t brave enough to face exposing yourself to the public in your jogging shorts and scraped back hair, there are endless other activities in which you could get involved, such as exercise classes, or videos that you can do within the secrecy of your own home.
So there is a way out of the boredom and unvarying endlessness of revision; all you need is an activity that will take your mind off it for a while and give you something enjoyable to look forwards to; you just need to find the one that works for you.

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