Monday, 29 April 2013

Review: "Get Lucky" by Daft Punk

by Hugh Summers 

Earlier this week, Daft Punk revealed the lead single from their upcoming album, Random Access Memories, which is set to be released this May. The album is said to show the human side of these robots, as we drift more away from humanity and more towards technology.
This could be a very interesting turn for the French house music duo as almost all of their songs are electronic. Yet, after hearing their new song, I must say that I was simply blown away. It’s been eight years since Daft Punk’s last album, Human After All, and many fans are ecstatic to see the duo back in the charts. 
As for the collaboration, Daft Punk first met Nile Rodgers at a listening party in New York for their 2001 album, Discovery, and apparently became friends from that point onwards. The duo eventually invited Rodgers to the Random Access Memories recording sessions at Electric Lady Studios in New York City, which, coincidentally, was the studio where the first Chic (the band for which Nile Rodgers was the guitarist in the late 70s/ early 80s) single had been recorded. Pharrell Williams had first heard from Daft Punk about the project at a Madonna party they were attending, and offered to be part of the collaboration.
The song itself falls within the genre of disco/ funk with hints of the classic Daft Punk robotic electronica towards the end. The piece has a great bass line throughout and funk guitar rhythms from Nile Rodgers which, with the drums and vocals, form an absolutely fantastic song; I would certainly recommend giving it a listen!

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