New Single: 'Pictures' by This Way Up

George Chapman presents a new single, 'Pictures', by his band, This Way Up:

'Pictures' is the title track from my band This Way Up's debut single, which we are releasing later this month to follow up our 2011 EP 'The Game'. However, as you can see (below) we have chosen to record and release a music video for the song to drum up a little bit of excitement before the single's official release on the 20th April at the Wight Rock Bar, Ryde. After this date, the song (along with its the B-side, 'Best Intentions') will be available on iTunes and on CD.

Despite the fact that two of the band - myself and Rob (lead vocalist/rhythm guitarist) - seem to spend more time on the mainland than on the Island, we'd certainly love to consider ourselves Islanders. As anyone who's familiar with the Isle of Wight could easily gather, our filming of 'Pictures' exclusively on the streets of Ryde and Newport (not forgetting the brief detour to Culver Down, however!) goes some way to expressing our connection to the place.

Through forming (and disbanding) numerous bands during the four years I spent at middle school with Rob, we always aspired to do our utmost to become part of the eclectic and dynamic local music scene. Even now, we still get the same sort of buzz writing material, rehearsing it over and over, and seeing it come to life in the studio as we always used to. That said, the real treat still remains playing alongside some great Island acts (such as Goodbye Stereo and The Operators - please check them out on YouTube!), and the exciting feeling that we're contributing just a little bit to the musical diversity that first captured us eight years ago. 

Our new video ('Pictures'):

Also, listen to George Chapman's single, 'Best Intentions'