Thursday, 11 April 2013

101 Days of 2013

by Hattie Gould and Annie Materna
Today, April 11th 2013, is officially the 101st day of the year. Where has the year gone? How has it happened so quickly? What has happened in this period of time? Could this have been the last time the population reached 101 days in one year?

These are just a few questions one might have asked themselves upon reading this title. For each individual the answers to these questions will be different depending on their own personal matters and individual interests. For example, one may mark the death of Margaret Thatcher to have been the most significant moment of 2013 so far whereas others may say that David Beckhams move from LA Galaxy to PSG was equally monumental. No matter how different the answers, everyone will have a most memorable moment of the year thus far.

For many there a number of memorable events, for example Obamas second inauguration into the White House, the release of the Oscar winning film Les Miserables, The resignation of Pope Benedict XVI, the fall of the Gold Medal winning para-Olympian Oscar Pistorius, the rise of Gareth Bale for Tottenham, Labour leader Ed Miliband taking the tube to Westminster and his brother stepping down as an MP, the Chris Huhne scandal, Mark Webber and Sebastian Vettel fiasco in the Singapore Grand Prix, Englands 8-0 win against San Marino, Mick and Mairead Philpott found guilty of killing their 6 children in a house fire and most recently the threat of nuclear war between North Korea and the world.

So now we must ask ourselves, what can we achieve in the next 101 days? For most of us 100 days sounds like a long time, however it has been proven that 101 days is the ideal time to set and achieve a goal or aim in, as opposed to just one month, or one year. So what will your goal for the next 101 days be? To be kinder for 101 days? To try and keep a tidy room for 101 days? Or something more specific such as to get a certain amount of work done in 101 days? By making an aim and subsequently reaching this aim we become more motivated in what we must or want to achieve and so we will fulfil the task more effectively and happily.
Clearly 101 is a lucky number, especially because of the 101 Dalmations, but also because April 11th (the 101st day of the year) is also world Parkinson's Day. World Parkinson's Day aims to raise awareness about Parkinson's Disease, which affects approximately 1.2 million people just in the EU and so this day is very helpful. Another reason the 101st day is lucky is because on the 101st day of 1970 the Beatles song 'Let It Be' went to number one and stayed there for two weeks. And, lastly, the space shuttle STS37 landed on the 101st day of the year and therefore we can conclude that in the past the 101st day of the year has been lucky and will hopefully continue to be.

So, enjoy your (hopefully) lucky 101st day of the year and try to achieve something different but helpful to make you feel good and so that you have a good day.

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