Learning Life Lessons from ‘How I Met Your Mother’

by Charlie Albuery

For those of you who don’t know ‘How I Met Your Mother’ is an American TV series, currently airing on NBC, whereby a father tells his children the, elongated, tale of how he met their mother. Admittedly this story consists of mainly tales of tales of him acting inappropriately, often with their future ‘aunt’, but it’s heart-warming, and stars Jason Segel (yes - SEGEL), Josh Radnor (two-o-clock shadow man), Alyson Hannigan (the one who plays that bassoonist vampire in Buffy), Coby Smulders (Canadian) and everyone’s favourite triple threat: Neil Patrick Harris.
Despite all this, what stands out about the show is its amazing knack at portraying serious life lessons, so sit back, and enjoy the ways in which ‘How I Met Your Mother’ has taught me to live a better life.
THE OLIVE THEORY – ‘It’s like my friends Lilly and Marshall, one of them loves olives, the other hates them, in a way that’s what makes them the perfect couple…
Opposites attract, the olive theory teaches that in a perfect couple, ideally, the two participants will be opposites, forming the perfect balance.
THE FRONT PORCH TEST - "When I picture the future, I picture us all together when we're older, playing bridge on the front porch of our beach house."
The front porch test is where, whenever speculating on the suitability of a new romantic partner, you must imagine sitting with them on your front porch at the age of 70 with all your friends and surviving family. Is it a pleasant experience? If so, she is the woman for you.
THE HOT/CRAZY SCALE‘A girl is allowed to be crazy, as long as she is equally hot’

(source: Wiki)

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Some of the best life lessons taught by How I Met Your Mother, however, require no explanation:
Nothing good ever happens after 2 AM
Let the universe take over
Friends’ dating when you’re single sucks (“Pilot”)
Don’t ever give up great times with your friends (“The Sweet Taste of Liberty”)
Things you may not have liked before may not be that bad later on (“Return of the Shirt”)
Clubs are terrible (“OK Awesome”)
Never, EVER, use eHarmony (“Matchmaker)
You always need a Get Psyched Mixtape (“The Limo”) (A mix of music that psyches you up, duh)
You can fit in or you can stand out. Stand out!(“Life Among the Gorillas”)
‘Perfect’ isn’t always perfect (“Milk”)
You win some, you lose some. And by some, I mean the love of your life (“Come On”)
Brunch is for couples. That’s it, not alone (“Brunch”) (I wish I could have brunch…)
Playground psychology doesn’t work in the real world (“Aldrin Justice”)
Swarley. Just, honestly, the best thing ever
5 slaps over eternity < 10 slaps immediately (“Slap Bet”)
The Pretenders make the best roadtrip songs (“Arrivederci, Fiero”)
Hat. We thought of Native American Headdress but we couldn’t think of hat” is just a great line of dialogue… (“Something Borrowed”)
Wait for it. (“Something Blue”)
Coincidentally, “Wait for it” was a pretty terrible episode
“Don’t Postpone Joy” (“The Third Wheel”)
If you are close enough to your friends, you can forgive them for the little things that drive you nuts (“Spoiler Alert”)
When old friends get together, after not seeing each other for years, there is a clear winner and clear loser. It’s awesome when you win (“Sandcastles in the Sand”)
You can’t fake Bro skills. They come naturally (“Rebound Bro”)
The important moments shouldn’t be wasted, because you can’t get them back (“Miracles”)
In life, people hold onto things. Whether its at simple as Linus and his blanket or Marshall and his burger, or a more complex and dangerous things, human beings love the familiar, and find comfort in it’ (“The Best Burger in NY”) (Deep)
83% of men have never been in a fight. (“Fight”)
The marching band scene was one of the best in HIMYM history. As was the bartending scene (“Three Days of Snow”)
Catchphrases are no longer funny. This isn’t the 80’s (“The Stinsons”)
Canada. Sucks. (“Old King Clancy”)
90. In life, you’re not looking for someone who just accepts your quirks. You’re looking for someone who loves them. (“Double Date”)
Guy time? Extremely necessary (“Duel Citizenship”)
Slapping= Closure (“Slapsgiving 2”)
You should aim to marry someone that 13 year old you would’ve been proud of (“Last Cigarette Ever”)
But, the most important thing I have even been taught (period):
Canadians are afraid of the dark. (Seriously, all of them…)


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    I didn't know a funny tv show like this could have that sort of thing in it!

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