Images from PGS MUN Conference 2013

Photographs taken by Ben Slader at the 2013 PGS Model United Nations Conference on Friday, 15th and Saturday, 16th March.

Supporting a resolution, in preparation for committee debates.


Newsreader Mr Elphick-Smith announces
a cyber-attack on US nuclear plants, on MUN HD.

PGS Model United Nations General Assembly convenes
to solve the looming confrontation between the USA and Pakistan.

A tense moment in the Emergency Debate,
with the USA increasingly beleagured and
North Korea threatening hostile action.

The PGS MUN Secretary-General and Policy Director present
the much-coveted PGS MUN Awards for:

Best Delegation: India

Best Delegate and Best Newcomer


  1. Why do I always look bad in photos?

  2. This was very interesting and I enjoyed the photos!

  3. M.U.N is awsome;) :) :]

  4. Douglas Mileham19 March 2013 at 11:55

    M.U.N conferance was really good fun and my tie is not depicting englishmen
    playing rugby but north and south Koreans brawling.

    Love from North Korea.

  5. i recognise alot of the pupils from springfeild as that is my local secondary school and it seems so much fun!

  6. looks very fun :)

  7. Great fun, pupils impressive as always - hope to see you there next year, Alex!

  8. sounds cool iwould love to join

  9. Francesca Dellafera21 March 2013 at 14:54

    Another fun night and it looks awesome anyway!

  10. i would love to see the video of mr elphick smiths new report must of been hilarious

  11. Nice photos, wish i had been there! And i don't recognise anyone from springfeild although it is my local secondary school

  12. The Mr Elphick-Smith news report looked funny! Would love to see it!!:)


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