Saturday, 16 February 2013


For JH

Soothsaying, watery whispers wash upon the beach,
Secreting our past in undulating waves.
Hushed they tug over pebbles, hovering up tiny memories,
Then retreating hastily to depths unknown.

Reticent memories fight with truths, replaying them in our minds,
Clinging to roots, built in sand.

Our expectations, hopes and fears washed by petulant prevailing tides,
That buffet the rough to smooth.

Lifelong spirits, whirlpool down, dragged to mysterious abysses,
Stirring unknown patterns and designs.

Then recalled in salty utterances, when we least expect,
It’s nature’s natural prophesising with sibyl.

Illuminating our minds, with the resurgence of the waves;
To resolve fluidity of reason, and doubtless, to calm again.      

                                                                    Angela Carter

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  1. Wow this is really good! You've created a lovely atmosphere and described your ideas very well. Well done :)


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