Poem: 'Night'

Holocaust Memorial Day is observed in Britain on January 27th, the anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz by Russian troops in 1945. Zach Choppen presents this poem, inspired by Eli Wiesel's memoir of his experiences as a child in Auschwitz.

I heard the brake and felt the lurch.

The smoke in the distance,

A large chimney, a cloud of burning death

Night has fallen.

My childhood I have, but it is cruel.

For some it ends before they have words.

In the flames those babies burning.

Night has fallen.

The traditional ceremony of guns and cries.

Roll call, the dragging of withered feet.

The tears of many: those hunched black crows.

Night has fallen.

The sad eyed angel between the two from many.

The crows embrace.

Executioners' refusal, left to the slaughterers.

Night has fallen.

Long live liberty, cried two of nameless ones.

The sad eyed angel silent, watching.

A silent cry, the drop, the gentle swaying.

Night has fallen.


Death creeps upon tainted lips,

Sucking life from swollen tongues.

The crowd watching the dying child.

Night has fallen.

I walked past, his eyes pleading

Not for life but the peace of death.

Eternities end from a life of grey.

Night has fallen.

Where is God? A question unanswered.

Where is he?

The answer before me swaying like a rag.

My night has fallen.

(Based on 'Night' by Eli Wiesel)

See, also, Hannah Arendt's ''The Banality of Evil'


  1. Really makes you reflect on what happened and raises awareness.

  2. thats a brilliant poem !

  3. Great way to teach the devastating events very good!!!!

  4. that's a beatiful poem, but also sad at the same time...:(

  5. Very poignant Zach


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