Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Gay Marriage: The Debate

Today, the House of Commons debates a bill to legalise marriage between same-sex couples. From the Portsmouth Point archives, we present a debate on the subject of gay marriage.

George Hope argues that that the law must be changed to allow gay marriage:

"An interesting argument recalls the "separate but equal" claim, the exact words used by segregationists in America after the abolition of slavery. There is an illogical aspect to referring to civil partnerships and marriages as equal. If ‘marriage’ is a religious union, then the word should not be used to refer to non-religious marriages between a man and a woman. If it is not a religious term (my view) then marriages and civil partnerships are the same thing as long as equal rights are protected, so we should not use different words. Human beings are different. We come in different shapes and sizes, colours and creeds. Embrace difference, and don’t make the same mistakes that have divided and stigmatised humanity for generations."

Daniel Rollins counters that the Government has no mandate for passing gay marriage legislation:
"The government does not even have a democratic mandate to change the definition of marriage to extend it to same sex couples as the issue was not mentioned in any of the main party’s manifestos. This means that the people who will be affected by this change have not had a chance tell the government whether they agree with the idea or not, with opinion polls split and many showing support for the current definition of marriage the government can’t say that they are listening to what the people are saying about this change. The consultation they are having at the moment is also very undemocratic; it is not asking what people think of the proposed changes but only how to implement the changes, not allowing people to voice their opinions is contrary to all the ideas of democracy that the government tries to uphold."

Lucy Cole wonders whether marriage itself is now an outdated institution:

"Divorce rates are higher than ever, with one in three couples splitting after having vowed to love one another forever. We are constantly bombarded with news of celebrity couples desperately in love and getting married one second, and the next fighting over their divorce settlement. Perhaps this is the problem; in placing the basis of marriage on love we are setting up to fail, because, ultimately, very rarely does love last forever. For the most part it comes and goes, lasting a few months or years, but inevitably as we grow and develop, it fades."

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  1. I think wether your gay or not you should be able to get a legal amrraige god told us to be happy in our lives and marraige will not only make us happy but the love produced. Peopler forget the meaning of love because deep down how do we know we are not all equal. people should be judges by the personality wther man or woman so why do two women or men differ from a man and woman??


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