Thursday, 17 January 2013

Coping With Exam Stress

by Jemima Carter


The last few weeks have been tough. Ask any Year Eleven and they’ll all tell you exactly the same thing. You can catch us all around school in all sorts of moods; we saunter through the Arch at 2.00 in the afternoon after marathon lie-ins, we line the quad clasping onto our clear pencil-cases doing nervous jigs and we crawl out of the old gym with grim faces. Yes: it’s exam time again.
Walk around the school and all you can hear are variations of “I’ve done literally nothing”, “What’s the conditional again?” and “Why on Earth did I stay up watching 'Bake-Off'?”. Avoid the House bases at all cost because you’ll invariably have a dog-eared piece of paper shoved at you and, before you can reply to the plea of “Test me!”, you’ll be faced with a barrage of French, Spanish or even German if you’re lucky. If you say the magic words “Just remember to go slowly” then the chances are they’ll gratefully let you on your way.
Oh, and don’t even bother to look for any nice cakes in the lunch hall after ten to; we’re all going through a very stressful time. The funny thing is that these aren’t even the real exams… God only knows what we’ll be like come May!


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