Thursday, 24 January 2013

Fashion Error: The Low Slung Trouser

by Katherine Tobin


I would first like to point out that generally I have no problem with the way people dress - it being their choice of style, a way to show individuality etc etc. But in the more recent years, one trend has come to my attention that I simply cannot pass by, it being frankly, idiotic looking. Running the risk of sounding like my mother, I would simply like to draw your attention to the latest trend (which appears to be somewhat diminishing now a days, thank goodness) that of the low slung trouser.

Now I’m no fashion expert but it seems to me, that this trend really is the epitome of impracticality. Trousers that don’t cover your behind? Why is anyone paying good money for this? Is that not the entire point of trousers – to cover your lower body from the often bitingly cold and wet climate that we so often experience in the British Isles? Is it now too much to ask that our clothes are functional AND stylish?
 Now of course the fashion industry is not really to blame - instead it is this generation (embarrassingly mine) who have mutually agreed that low trousers are high fashion. If you go out onto the streets of any town or city, big or small, it would be a small miracle not to see a teen walking with a slight swagger (or more of a waddle) in order to try and keep their trousers from falling down.

This is, in itself, quite an impressive feat. It still astounds me how so many of these people are in fact able to keep their garments in place. I wonder, what is the secret behind this art form – do you buy your trousers in a smaller size so that they do not fit over your hips, or perhaps too big, so they gradually drop throughout the day? Whatever the reason, I must say, it is a form of entertainment to watch a boy realise he has revealed a little too much of his ‘comedy underwear’ and attempt to subtly hitch his trousers up from his knees.

Perhaps this ‘trend’ would not be quite so popular if its origins were made better known. As far as I can tell, the first instance of ‘sagging trousers’ was thought to have appeared in U.S. prisons where the inmates were given over-sized uniforms, and were denied belts for fear of suicide, and this, leading to falling down trousers, became a sign of their hardcore status. It is here therefore, that we get our inability to purchase well fitting trousers – the federal prisons of the USA.
Correct me if I’m wrong, but it seems rather bizarre that in this day and age, we’ve decided to take fashion tips from society’s criminals, and not only that, have felt that we are all the trendier for it. For the majority of society, a well fitting pair of trousers is not only a comfortable, but also sensible solution to dressing the lower parts of your body. But for those of you who enjoy parading your underwear with confidence, I wish you the best in the colder weather that January and February will bring.

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  1. It's unattractive to say the least.


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