Merry Christmas from Portsmouth Point

'White Branches: Winter in South Parks, Oxford' by Oliver Stone

Some Christmas Reading:

Daniel Rollins explores the meaning of Christmas while Katherine Tobin investigates its true origins; Oli Price explains why Christmas is a bit weird; Jemima Carter argues that by hyping Christmas too early we set ourselves up for disappointment.

Patrick McGuiggan offers his Top 5 Christmas Covers while Dave Allen suggests the Christmas songs least likely to be covered.

Maisie Riddle shares her recipe for delicious Christmas gingerbread; Mary Mitchell offers you the mess-and-hassle-free gift of a virtual Christmas tree; Lizzie Howe presents the perfect Christmas murder mystery, 'The Case of the Stained Snowflake' and Nick Graham introduces his seasonal poem, Snow by the Seaside.

Tom McCarthy admires Caravaggio's desolate portrayal of Mary and Jesus as 'refugee mother and defenceless child'; and PGS pupils and staff offer some wonderful winter images: Winter Morning; Winter Landscape; Frosted Leaf and Lone Fruit as well as Oliver Stone's evocative 'White Branches' (above).

A very Merry Christmas to all of our readers from Portsmouth Point's editors and contributors.


  1. amazing photo with great back ground

  2. What a legend!!!!!!! g8 picture sir!!!!!!!:p


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