Sunday, 23 December 2012

Snow by the Seaside

Snow, sand and sea,
Such an unusual sight to see.

Snowmen towering high,
Like mountains rising up to the sky,
Looking out over the sea,
Their faces all smiles.

The beach huts,
Once all different colours,
Transformed by the snow,
Into small cottages - all white.

The snow covers everything,
Like a blanket of pure white,
It is crunchy and hard sometimes,
And other times soft and smooth.

Smudges of white fly through the air,
Missiles made of snow,
You must duck and dodge,
Otherwise… SPLODGE!

The normally golden sands glistening white,
Pebbles like glowing pearls,
Snow on roofs and branches,
Like icing sugar sieved onto a cake.

It is amazingly beautiful,
With everything smothered in white,
It is simply magical,
Like the mystic land in an ancient fairytale

Snow, sand and sea,
Such an unusual sight to see,
All in perfect harmony.

                                                                                                    Nick Graham

Photograph by Nick Graham


  1. I love that peom (so beautiful!!!)

  2. What a beautiful view:)

  3. I love the picture and the poem is cool

  4. omg the view!! ;)

  5. great picture! :)

  6. great picture


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