Thursday, 6 December 2012

Cricket: Cook Beats Hammond's Record

by Dave Allen

Wally Hammond OP
It's been quite a morning for cricket historians with a Compton scoring a half century for England and Alastair Cook scoring his 23rd Test Century, thereby passing the record first set decades ago by Old Portmuthian Wally Hammond. Hammond played in 85 Tests and Cook, enjoying the most wonderful run of form, is in his 86th. Since he's not yet 30, there be many more to come.

Cook's average is around 50 per innings, Hammond's was nearer to 60 and the older man was certainly superior in catching -averaging over one catch per match - and bowling, taking 83 Test wickets at 37.80 each and 732 first-class wickets. With the ball, he wasn't quite Botham class but Hammond was one of the finest English all-rounders. Cook, despite his unassuming manner seems to be a great batsman - and perhaps one of the finest batsmen-captains?

Dave Allen (OP) is the Honorary Archivist for Hampshire Cricket

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