Thursday, 4 October 2012

Five Reasons To Treasure The Portmuthian

On the day that the latest issue of The Portmuthian is released, editor Tim MacBain explains why the magazine is such an important part of school life. 


To hear the full extent of my gushings on this subject, I refer you to my article at the back of this year’s edition of The Portmuthian. However, as I contemplate my imminent retirement from the Editorial Committee, my purpose here is not to stream sheer emotion into this blog article, but to ask why it is that The Portmuthian matters so much.

1.       History. The Portmuthian has been running since 1883, and is therefore an expected publication in the eyes of many. We all (yes, even you) look forward to getting our copy, as we have come to see it as a tradition.

2.       Information. With the incredible number and range of events happening on a day-to-day basis, many can slip under the radar of those who haven’t got the time to get involved. The Portmuthian provides those people with information about things they didn’t even know existed – and the opportunity to get involved next time it happens!

3.       Marketing. Now that The Pictorial Record has been discontinued, The Portmuthian is the main publication produced by the school. Even the most cynical amongst us can’t help but see that such a marketing opportunity cannot be missed; in a nutshell, such a magazine is the legitimate place to show off!
4.       Families. The Portmuthian is perfect for the family. Since I have a younger sibling, we are blessed (I think, anyway) with two copies of each volume, and thus on the next trip to one of the grandparents’ we arrive clutching at least one of them. All families enjoy trying to find members of their own in the hallowed pages.

5.       Pupil-led. Each Portmuthian is carefully designed, collated, proofed, and, in some cases, written by a dedicated team of pupils, lead by a Head Editor and managed by a member of staff (Miss Hart at the moment). This makes it all the more personal to the reader, whether they attend PGS or not; someone who was (probably) there has provided you with their account of what happened. It also gives extremely valuable experience to those wishing to manage/publish/write/edit in the future.

Five reasons to treasure your Portmuthian. Please do; it took a lot of hard work from all involved! Read it, enjoy it and keep it.

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