Saturday, 15 September 2012

6th Form Induction Day

by Zoe Rundle

September indicates the start of a new academic year for 9.5 million children across the UK. For some, this time is dreaded; the thought of returning to that weekly schedule where the most exciting occurrence is reminding yourself of that ‘Monday morning feeling.’
However for others, arriving back in the classroom couldn’t come sooner enough with many eager to learn and some perhaps seeking a new beginning. The latter was certainly the case for the current Lower Sixth who began the new term a day earlier than the remainder of the school.
On Tuesday 4th September, all pupils joining PGS Sixth Form the following day gathered inside the school arch ready for an induction day which would turn out to be filled with fun and a great opportunity to meet some new faces as well as catch up with those more familiar.
After being guided through to the David Russell Theatre, all pupils enjoyed a motivational talk by Dai Perks, who is part of the ‘Maximise Your Potential’ organisation working with students to help improve their performance in the classroom. Pupils learned about the value of education and how they must strive for the best grades in order to get the best university offers.

After being treated to lunch in the Sixth Form Centre and listening to the final part of the talk a short while after, the year-group boarded buses which made their way to the schools playing fields in Hilsea. All of the Sixth Form tutors, plus the four heads-of-house, joined pupils and took part in a range of team building exercises.
Students went around in their new tutor groups, (which had been revealed not long before), and participated in a number of team-building exercises. They ranged from blindfolded madness to building bridges – figuratively and literally.
After being a part of such a great day, where pupils learned new skills and made many new friends, they were treated to a barbeque on the sports fields. Students enjoyed the meal and were able to socialise with those who were new to the school making all feel welcome.
Personally, my experience of the day was one to remember. I had a great time taking part in all the activities and meeting some new friends. I found the talk very interesting and it certainly has motivated me to work hard this year and strive for the best as I’m sure many other pupils will do too.

The friendliest..
but worst tutor group

Photos by Daniel Rollins

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