Sunday, 22 July 2012

Leonardo 2012: Hide and Seek

Imogen Davies won the Year 8 Leonardo Prize on Wednesday, 27 June, for her poem, Hide and Seek.

Laughter bounces off the walls,
The eliminating sun smiles down on us,
Counting, running, finding,
A childhood memory embedded in my mind.

Seeking out the right spot,
Opening closets,
The kitchen pantry,
Empty and cold.
As black darkness spills out,
I secretly slide behind the pillars of food,
And slowly shut the door …

The dark starts to strip me of my senses,
Strangling me in the cold.
I don’t want to hide here anymore.
Struggling with the door:
No escape, stuck and alone.
I hear them all scamper past
As I helplessly bang on the door.
Fear engulfs me.
All I can do is lie here.

Time freezes.
Nothing moves.
An unchanging world.
No rules, regulations or requirements.
Only darkness and the unseen.

And then a voice!
The door handle bursts into life.
Blinded by a sudden overwhelming light,
And a shout:
“I found you!”

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