Friday, 4 May 2012

May 2012 Local Election Results: a view from the Left

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by Tim MacBain
At 8:45am today, the results are looking rather promising, at least from the perspective of a Resident Leftie who considers it part of his job to gloat at the loss of Conservative councils and councillors, and derive great enjoyment from Labour's election results – ‘very gratifying’ in Harriet Harman’s eyes. The race for the London Mayorship still has all to play for, with the results left to be counted, so today looks to be an interesting one when it comes to politics.
The most damning statistic that no one seems to be picking up on (that I can find, anyway) is that the number of councils that are in no overall control by any party has in fact fallen, after 99 councils have been declared. Admittedly there is still some way to go, but no other gains have been made by any party other than Labour. This shows, for the moment, a real, undeniable swing to the Left, as Conservatives and Liberal Democrats are losing either whole councils or a foothold within councils – a really positive swing if you believe in social justice and fairness.
Will these elections prove critical to the current Government’s plans and policies? It’s certainly a possibility, with the situation on the Liverpool council an example. We look on with bated breath… (update below)

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As a footnote, I do feel compelled to add something on another branch of politics in the news this week. I may disagree with Louise Mensch, finding her a typical Tory in her craven condemnation of the condemnation of the egregious Rupert Murdoch, but the abuse she has received on Twitter is, frankly, unacceptable (TM)

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