Sunday, 6 May 2012

Get to the Point: Local Elections

First of our "Get to the Point" vlogs, designed as a forum for discussion. This political discussion was filmed on the morning of Friday, 4th May 2012, as results of local elections were still coming in. How accurate were their predictions? Respond in the comments.

Directed by Daniel Rollins

Sorry for the shoddy quality and shakiness, we'll get better, I promise.


  1. Andy says that the Coalition must 'change something' - perhaps a greater focus on the economy, but I don't think changing policy will be beneficial. The solution will be for there to be less talk about Lords reform and more about job creation etc If the economy does grow, unemployment does fall and interest rates are kept down, then the Conservatives might scrape a small majority at the next election. But that's if the financial climate improves soon!

    1. However some of their policies are very unpopular and need to be reviewed such as the granny and pasty taxes.
      Other policies people just don't find important at the moment such as Lords reform and gay marriage so I agree that the front bench should focus on the economy more, creating jobs and growth.

    2. Gay marriage shouldn't be ignored because it's a simple issue of civil marriage rights. Lords Reform doesn't have the same public support, but social issues that are in the national interest should not be ignored. Cameron is wrong to do a U-turn on legalising gay marriage when over 45% are in favour.
      I'm also a bit disillusioned by talk that the Queen's Speech will have greater focus on crime and immigration - the PM is just trying to copy Boris, but people won't thank him for taking the emphasis away from the economy.

    3. 45% isn't a majority, where did you get that figure anyway.
      I guaranteed that most people would want the government to reduce unemployment before legalizing gay marriage or reforming the Lords.
      As Andy said in the video as the government pushes those more "LibDem" policies it shows that the Tories are being more than proportionally influenced by their junior coalition partners which does neither side favors as demonstrated at the polls.

  2. I'm am just a poor year 7 who doesn't know what any of it means but Tim is cool so I like the video


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