Wednesday, 28 March 2012

PGS Sport: Squash Report

By Emily Crowcroft

By Maj Veild, 
used under a creative commons licence
This season PGS have managed to place 3 teams in to the Hampshire junior leagues with an average of fourteen pupils turning up weekly for training. The season overall has been a successful one, with Team 2 winning their league, Team 3 finishing second and the first team third.
The second team did not lose a single match this season, with Geoff Sherwood not dropping a single game and Alex Brader not dropping a single match - both outstanding achievements!
The third team missed out on winning their league by 2 points, given that for many in this team this would've been their first experience of competitive match play, this represents a very commendable achievement.
The first and second division of the Hampshire leagues are mainly comprised of county and regional players, which meant that the first team were often coming up against players of high calibre, and so coming away with third place was an extremely successful accomplishment.
With this year being my last in school squash, I'd like to say that is has been encouraging to see PGS squash grow from having just one team of four set players to now having three teams playing competitive squash in the Hampshire leagues. It has to be said that the main driving force behind this has been Di Spencer, who has given up her Thursdays and Sundays to encourage, organise and support these teams. Without her PGS squash would not have progressed as far as it has and we all owe her a huge thanks.

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