Wednesday, 14 March 2012


By Zoe Dukoff-Gordon

Some things seem so important in your life at the time and then you look back and wonder 'Why did I worry so much?' Like a child fretting when having to hand in an unfinished homework, or a pupil being filled with dread of their results from last week's maths paper. We try to hide our mistakes with excuses to cover up our original actions and later laugh whenconfessing to friends or family.

I remember when I was in year 5 our whole year (20 people in total) were made to join this choir club called junior choir. I and 5 other friends decided to skip one choir practise and in hearing from other pupils in the school that our teacher was looking for us we hid in one of the girls loos. This lavatory leads off from the staircase that leads off from one of the classrooms. (If you went down the staircase you had the changing rooms and if you went up you had the girl's dormitory.)
We heard a noise outside the loo and started to scream and laugh as we thought it was a ghost! One of my friends opened the door and revealed this (to be fair to us- 'ghost like') figure, so which shut the door in its face. Unknown to us, it was our music teacher! (She came into school the next day with a rather sore bruise on her nose...)

My point is, at the time we were absolutely terrified that our parents would find out as our teacher threatened to send an email to each of them. Luckily she didn't and I confessed to my foolish ways a few months back and I look back now and laugh at the childish prank.

So I suppose the 'moral' of my tale is: don't worry too much about these things. The truth will come out one day either intentionally or accidently...

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