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Portsmouth Point blog offers Portsmouth Grammar School pupils, former pupils, parents and staff a daily forum for sharing ideas, opinions and enthusiasms. Whether exploring politics, music, film, sport, literature, science, photography, religion, history, philosophy or countless other topics, the blog offers something new and thought-provoking to read every day.

The blog was launched in February 2012, designed by Daniel Rollins and edited by James Burkinshaw. We encourage you to comment on the posts. To set up an account, please click on the blue button at the top right of the Home Page.

Portsmouth Point magazine was founded in Spring 2009 by Julian Elphick-Smith. Our most recent issue was published in July 2016, with 29 articles by pupils and staff focused on the theme of 'Alien', a resonant term with so many implications about our place in the world and our sense of our own identity. In this issue, contributors consider arguments for and against 'Brexit' (written before the June 23 referendum), assess the role of the media in helping to fuel Islamophobia and remind us of what happened when, in the sixteenth century, China decided to cut itself of from the rest of the world. Meanwhile our place in the universe has always been a source of fascination and speculation. Our writers ask: is there alien life out there, what form does it take, how will we interact if we do make contact, might we evolve differently if we colonise other planets? Artists from architect Matti Suuronen to writer Douglas Adams, designer H R Giger and synthesiser pioneer Bob Moog (all profiled in this issue) have each helped shape our response to the alien and to our place in space. The contingency and fragility of our identity, our alienated relationship with not only the world around us but our own inner nature has been characterised in literature from the Ancient Greek myth of Prometheus to Kafka's Metamorphosis; both are explored in this issue, as are other writers from Mary Shelley to John Synge. The 'Alien' issue is notable, also, for Will Hall's striking cover image (see above).

You can read the 'Alien' issue online:

You can read an online version of our previous issues of the printed magazine on the themes of Inspiration (December 2015), Human Rights (Summer 2015), Change (Winter 2014), 'Lost and Found' (Summer 2014), 'Belief' (Winter 2013), 'Fight Club' (Summer 2013) and 'Icon' (Winter 2012).

Please note that the views expressed by individual contributors to magazine and blog do not necessarily reflect those of either the Editorial Board of Portsmouth Point or of Portsmouth Grammar School.

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James Burkinshaw
Editor (Blog and Magazine)

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