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Portsmouth Point blog offers Portsmouth Grammar School pupils, former pupils, parents and staff a daily forum for sharing ideas, opinions and enthusiasms. Whether exploring politics, music, film, sport, literature, science, photography, religion, history, philosophy or countless other topics, the blog offers something new and thought-provoking to read every day.

The blog was launched in February 2012, designed by Daniel Rollins and edited by James Burkinshaw. We encourage you to comment on the posts. To set up an account, please click on the blue button at the top right of the Home Page.

Portsmouth Point magazine was founded in Spring 2009 by Julian Elphick-Smith. Our most recent issue was published in July 2017, with 29 articles by pupils and staff focused on the theme of 'Exploration'. The desire to explore the physical and metaphysical is at the heart of our human identity. Our contributors consider the 'wanderlust' that drives us to explore the planet and reflect on our need to discover why we are here. 

Articles also chronicle the relationship between exploration, war and slavery, whose racial legacy still haunts America today. Others explore the ways in which literature can help us travel through time just as science enables us to travel through space (to Mars, within the next four years). Our writers examine the role of pioneering women engineers, while asking whether exciting breakthroughs in Artificial Intelligence will ultimately bring utopia or dystopia. 

Literature and film have the power to celebrate human potential and confront human limitation. What cannot be conveyed through words can often be explored through music; the jazz of John McLaughlin, the soul of Amy Winehouse and the reggaeton of Daddy Yankee are all explored in these pages. 

Many of our pupils stand on the threshold, ready to explore the world beyond the Quad. At this exciting juncture, two Year 13 Leavers look back at their time at PGS and reflect on what the future holds as they walk out through the Arch one last time. 

 The 'Exploration' issue is notable, also, for PGS Head of Photography, Oliver Stone's, striking cover image (see above).

You can read the 'Exploration' issue online:

You can read an online version of our previous issues of the printed magazine on the themes of 'Alien' (July 2016), Heroes and Villains (December 2016), Inspiration (December 2015), Human Rights (Summer 2015), Change (Winter 2014), 'Lost and Found' (Summer 2014), 'Belief' (Winter 2013), 'Fight Club' (Summer 2013) and 'Icon' (Winter 2012).

Please note that the views expressed by individual contributors to magazine and blog do not necessarily reflect those of either the Editorial Board of Portsmouth Point or of Portsmouth Grammar School.

Best wishes,

James Burkinshaw
Editor (Blog and Magazine)

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