Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Why You Should Vote UKIP

by William Bates

You have a choice: you can vote for the tired establishment, who have lied to you again and again and failed in government or you can back me and vote for change. 

The Conservatives claim that they have a 'long term economic plan' and yet under this Conservative-led government the debt has doubled. You may think that Labour is on your side as they want to cut tuition fees but in reality they want to increase taxes on private schools by up to 700 million pounds and destroyed our economy last time they were in government. The Lib Dems can't be trusted after they betrayed you on tuition fees and have not even made clear if they would work with the Tories or Ed Miliband after the election or said what their 'red lines' would be. Some people see the Green Party as the change that they need- I say that these people are wrong. The Greens want to abolish our armed forces, which would be terrible for Portsmouth, massively increase taxes on private schools, abolish the monarchy and remove all border controls.  

A vote for me is a vote for real change. 

It is a vote to invest an extra £12 billion into the NHS and fund 20,000 more nurses, 8,000 more GPs and 3,000 more midwives. A vote for me is a vote to crack down on benefit fraud and welfare tourism, while recognising that the coalition has been too harsh with policies such as the bedroom tax, which forces people out of their homes even if the 'spare room' is vacant because their son or daughter is serving in our armed forces. 

For young people like you UKIP will scrap tuition fees for science, technology, engineering, mathematics and medicine subjects, with a longer term aim to scrap them for all subjects. We will also scrap all income tax for people who earn less than £13,500 pounds per year, which will help students and ordinary working people. 

This mock election is a three way race between myself, the Tory, and Ed Miliband's candidate.Vote for me as I am the candidate who believes in Britain and has a deliverable plan to improve our country.

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