Thursday, 13 June 2013

Pointless Poetry

As we approach the beginning of the end of the exam season, Tim Bustin remembers the frustrations felt while revising for the poetry section of the GCSE Literature exam.

Poignantly floundering; zenith mesmerising sea.
And taking samples of language to create pointless poetry

To write a brilliant poem:
Use a concoction of ridiculous words.
Non-sensical message conveyed. 
Show off your manipulation to language.

Stop. And pause. And start again,
Your repeated point no longer in tandem.
Then for some unknown reason ignore all logical structure and ask a question?

Darken your mood.
Randomly: use colons.
Where do you use; semi-colons?

Only poets admire your work.
The rest are ignorant gits,
who cannot see how your use of a thesaurus can bring untold bliss.

Reflect. Unreflect.
One or two words don’t quite make sense.

Finally summarise; your omniscient peroration takes flight,
Until, filled with silent anger, you see you’ve written utter sh----.

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  1. A masterful analysis of poetry today.


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